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Muffle furnaces up to 1300ºC

Muffle furnaces for ashing, heat treatment, annealing, tempering, diferent temperature and sizes up to  1300ºC

Muffle furnaces up to 1900ºC

Muffle furnaces for ashing, calcination, annealing, tempering, diferent temperatures and sizes up to  1900ºC

Tube furnaces up to 1300ºC



Tube furnaces up to 1300ºC with Vacuum or controlled atmosphere, different tube diameters, heating lenght or heating zones

Tube furnaces up to 1900ºC

Tube furnaces up to 1950ºC with Vacuum or controlled atmosphere, different tube diameters, heating lenght , heating zones…

Custom disgns

Custom designs for each request as dimensions, temperature, application, heating zones…

Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces


Muffle furnaces to work in controlled atmosphere, vacuum, heat treatment…

Crucible furnaces up to 1900ºC

Crucible furnaces up t0 1900 ºC “foundy”

Ovens up to 500ºC

High temperature ovens up to 500ºC

Industrial hot plates up to 600ºC

Industrial hot plates  up to 600 ºC

Accessories and spare parts

Accessories and spare parts for all Hobersal range and other brands

Cooling table (heat treatment)

Maximum European QualityFurnaces and ovens manufacturers since 1946 in Barcelona (SPAIN)

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Frequent questions

Difference between muffle furnace and tube furnace

(a) Muffle  furnace

Bigger capacities

Easy load

Max. temperature 1950ºC

Best uniform temperature

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“A resistant and high quality product. The service and attention of Forns Hobersal very professional. “


Maximum temperature and working temperature

a) Ovens form 250ºC to 500ºC

b) Furnaces from 100ºC to 1950ºC

c) Working temperature should be 100ºC less than maximum temperature

d) Different types of heating elements Kanthal wire, SiC and MoSi2

Inner dimensions

Forns Hobersal offers a wide range of dimensions from 1 dm3 to 5.000 dm3

Which kind of furnace I need?

We recommend contact with Hobersal or our distributors to offer the best option you need for each process, application, inert or oxidant atmospheres ( gases, vapors, humidity…) vacuum, heat treatments…

Present in more than 40 countries worldwideCustom ovens for demanding customers

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Contact us for any questions, a specialized agent will advise you on everything you need.